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Nearly all Nanny's are employed by families who are looking for the best care for their children while they work.

The Nanny functions as the primary authority figure while the parents are away or otherwise occupied.

This usually means that the Nanny is in charge of everything that corresponds to the care of the children.

The kinds of tasks that a Nanny will be expected to complete daily, can include:

  • Tending to each child’s basic physical needs

  • Meal planning and preparation for the children

  • Laundering and caring for clothing belonging to the children

  • Organising play activities and outings

  • Setting behavioural guidelines

  • Providing social and intellectual stimulation

  • Providing transportation

  • Housekeeping, when related to the children

  • Travelling with the family


As part of the role of a Nanny, you may also be required to carry out light household chores such as grocery shopping, laundry and running errand​s.

However, a Nanny’s job is much more than the sum of her daily tasks.

It is important that a Nanny is able to tailor activities to each child’s interests, developmental abilities, and personality, as well as communicate effectively with both the children and the parents. This requires a person with a high level of emotional intelligence.


A good Nanny should be reliable, trustworthy and  above all a loving, nurturing companion for children. 

He/she needs to be a person that the parents' feel entirely comfortable leaving their most precious assets with.

He/she should also be kind, active, creative, and interact well with children of all ages. It is neither an easy career nor one that is good for everyone—but many Nanny's describe it as the most rewarding work they’ve ever done!

If you feel like you would thrive in a position that requires the above-listed responsibilities, perhaps this is the career for you.

What Nanny & Me can do for you!

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a nanny then we can help you!


Nanny & Me can :

  • Help you create the perfect presume

  • Prepare you for the interview process

  • Provide information on training 

  • Offer expert advise from our childcare  professional

AND FINALLY .... match you with your perfect family!

Nanny & Me require all Nanny's to take a family needs assessment, basic skills and language assessment, along with reference checks and  if required by the family, the Nanny must apply for and provide a police check. Only once these assessments and checks have been completed will you be welcomed to the Nanny & Me team and be introduced to a prospective family. 

To apply to be a Nanny with Nanny & Me, please click here to complete our questionnaire and submit your resume.

If you are able to complete this stage, you will be asked to complete our assessments and then a member of the Nanny & Me team will contact you to process your application. 

Please Note....Nanny & Me do not offer applicants sponsorship or Visa  services.