Covid-19 Information

Be in the Know! – Stay tuned with updates from leading health organisations such as the  Government of Canada website.

Not only do they share important data about the virus but they also have valuable guidelines and resources for employers and the community.  Here is a helpful link to get you started:

Common Household COVID 19 Prevention Protocols

  • Mutual & Periodic Testing 

  • Masks 

  • Frequent Hand-Washing 

  • Temperature Checks 

  • Quarantine - If you are a candidate looking to be hired, be prepared to be asked to quarantine for 2-weeks before beginning a new role .  


Healthy eating and keeping active.

As parents of young children ourselves, Nanny & Me understand the importance of healthy eating and keeping active. 

Diet and nutrition are a crucial element in the health and growth of a child.

Healthy eating can help children and young people do better in school, cope with stress and emotions, and also make them feel better about their bodies. For more information including dietary guidance and tips to get active, click on the link  below .

Communication and sharing information between families and Nanny's. 

For working parents, having a nanny function as the primary authority figure whilst the parents are absent, is extremely helpful, especially if the child is not yet of school age. it is vital that children are well cared for and kept safe, ensuring all of their individual needs are met. This includes following routines, tracking the child's development and keeping them fit and healthy. A good way to ensure responsibilities are met is by keeping up to date records, such as communication diaries and nanny logs.

Sharing information creates strong working partnerships and contributes to the smooth running of the home. 

Please feel free to use our printable logs! They can be used to track development, daily routines and will also enable you to share any important information with your family/Nanny.


Click on the links below to download:

Daily log 

Accident/incident form

Emergency Contact form

Activity Plan